2010 Conference on Neuroesthetics

Time and Timing in the Brain

The concept of time is fundamental to our existence but we rarely think about it in terms of the brain. But the relationship of time to the brain is a topic of deep fascination. This meeting approaches the theme of "Time and Timing" from a number of different angles, including systems neuroscience, cellular and network studies, as well as mathematical modeling approaches. Complementing these, the program also features contributions from anthropology, philosophy, and art, making this meeting a rare get-together of experts addressing exciting questions like "Is there a clocking mechanism in the brain - and does it even need one?", "How do we bridge gaps in the flow of incoming information?", "Are our concepts of time universal or are there alternative ways of thinking about time?", "How are events temporally coordinated across brain regions?", "What is the right timing?", "In what sense is time relative?", "Can philosophy tell us anything about time?", "Does it pass or do we move in it?", and many more.

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The Ninth International Conference on Neuroesthetics
January 16th, 2010