2007 Conference on Neuroesthetics

The Neurobiology of Love

What is this thing called love, which has been described as “a catastrophe – but a highly desirable catastrophe” and in the service of which humans have reached the heights and plumbed the depths of experience? Why is our judgment often blurred or suspended when we fall passionately in love? Why does it lead to euphoria and depression? What is its chemistry? Which areas of the brain become engaged when we fall in love and when we view our lovers, or when we make love? Why are voles and birds and humans sometimes monogamous and sometimes polygamous? Why does the world literature of love so often paint a gloomy picture - of adulterous lovers who seek an escape in its, and their own, annihilation - and what neurobiological lessons can we draw from that literature?

Come and listen to leading neurobiologists from America and Europe discussing these issues and presenting their latest findings at the Sixth International Meeting on Neuroesthetics.

The Sixth International Conference on Neuroesthetics
January 20, 2007