2012 Conference on Neuroesthetics


Isabel Behncke: Jungle Joy and the Adaptive Joker: How (Adult) Play Really Runs Deep in Our (Primate) Family


Shakti Belway: Play as a Social and Political Catalyst


Margaret Boden: Play, Creativity, and Art



Baba Brinkman: Wordplay: From Chaucer to Darwin to Dr. Dre


Stuart Brown: From Play to Innovation: Play As a Long Term Survival Necessity


Scott Eberle: Playing with the Multiple Intelligences


Christopher Hobbs: The Playful Eye


Jeff Hull: Blur the Lines; Situational Design Applications in the Civic Realm


Beau Lotto: Blackawton Bees: Science as Play


Mark Moffett: Ants as Complex Beings: Seriousness and Play Among the Insects


Anthony Pellegrini: Object Use in Childhood: Development and Possible Functions


Sergio Pellis: A Playful Brain Makes for a More Adaptable Brain


Leonard Pitt: Playing For Life


Phillip Prager: Play and the Avant-Garde: Aren’t We All a Little Dada?


Baba Brinkman: Wrap Up Raps