Isabel Behncke
Oxford University
Title of Talk: 'Adaptive Joker Hypothesis'

Professor Marc Bekoff
Emeritus Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado
Title of Talk: 'Animals at Play: Why Joy and Fairness are the Names of the Game'

Shakti Belway
Human rights lawyer
Title of Talk: 'Play as a Social and Political Catalyst'

Professor Margaret Boden
Research Professor of Cognitive Science,
University of Sussex
Title of Talk: 'Play, Art and Creativity'

Baba Brinkman
Rapper and Playwright
Title of Talk: 'Wordplay: From Chaucer to Darwin to Dr. Dre'

Dr Stuart Brown
Director of the National Institute for Play
Title of Talk: 'From Play to Innovation: Play as a Long-Term Survival Necessity'

Dr Scott Eberle
Vice-President for Play Studies, The Strong
Editor, The American Journal of Play
Title of Talk: 'Playing with Multiple Intelligences'

Christopher Hobbs
Bafta-nominated Production Designer
Title of Talk: 'The Playful Eye'

Jeff Hull
Founding Director of the Jejeune Institute

Professor Nicholas Keynes Humphrey
Emeritus Professor of Psychology,
London School of Economics
Title of Talk: 'Dreaming as Play'

Dr Beau Lotto
Reader in Neuroscience
Director of LottoLab, University College London
Title of Talk: 'Seeing the Light'

Dr Mark Moffett
National Museum of Natural History
Title of Talk: 'Ants as Complex Beings: Seriousness and Play Among the Insects'

Professor Anthony Pellegrini
Professor of Educational Psychology,
University of Minnesota
Title of Talk: Object Use in Childhood: Development and Possible Functions

Professor Sergio Pellis
Professor of Neuroscience,
University of Lethbridge
Title of Talk: A Playful Brain Makes for a More Adaptable Brain

Dr Phillip Prager
Lecturer – Designing Digital Play,
IT University of Copenhagen
Research Associate, Minerva Foundation
Title of Talk: 'Play and the Avant-Garde: Aren’t We All a Little Dada?'


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