2014 Speakers

Deborah Aschheim
Hellman Visiting Artist, Memory and Aging Center, Department of Neurology
University of California, San Francisco
“Thresholds of Significance: Some Art and Science Collaborations”

Harold Cohen
Professor Emeritus, independent artist, creator of Aaron
University of California, San Diego,
“Reflections on Designing and Building Aaron”

Johanna Drucker
Breslauer Professor of Bibliographical Studies
UCLA, Information Studies
“Seeing/Knowing: Introduction to the Conference Ideas and Participants”

Line Cecilie Engh
Research fellow
The Norwegian Institute in Rome / Department of Philosophy, Classics,
History of Art and Ideas, University of Oslo
“Seeing and Knowing with the Bride of Christ: How a Metaphor Shaped Thought and Action in the Middle Ages”

Cristina Grasseni
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Universiteit Utrecht, the Netherlands
“Skilled Visions: Ecologies of Belonging and Sensorial Apprenticeship”

Derek Hodgson
Department of Archaeology
University of York
“The Visual Brain, Embodiment, and the First Visual Cultures: What Can They Tell Us About “Art”.”

Ellen Lupton
Senior Curator of Contemporary Design
Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in New York City
Director of the Graphic Design MFA Program
MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art)
“Design and Framing”

Alan M. MacEachren
Professor of Geography & Affiliate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology
The Pennsylvania State University
“Visually Enabled Geographical Reasoning”

Aaron Marcus
Aaron Marcus and Associates, Inc., Berkeley, CA
Master, De Tao Academy, Shanghai, China; graphic design and computer graphics.
“Key Principles of Visual Semiotics, Visible Language, User-interface Design, and User-centered Design.”

Marcos Nadal
PhD. Department of Basic Psychological Research and Research Methods
University of Vienna
“Cognitive Neuroscience of Aesthetics”

Philip Prager
Assistant Professor in Aesthetics
IT University of Copenhagen
“The Modernest Muse”

Aude Oliva
Principal Research Scientist
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“Zooming through the Human Brain in Space and Time: A look at Perception and Memory Processes”

William Seely
Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Bates College
"Seeking Salience: A Short Story About Engaging Art"

Francis Steen
Associate Professor of Communication and Director of Newsscape Project, UCLA
"The construction of social reality through art"

Colin Ware
Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Data Visualization Research Lab
University of New Hampshire.
“Perceiving, Interacting and Computing: The Process of Thinking Visually”

Peter Wells
Professor of Anthropology
University of Minnesota