2005 Conference on Neuroesthetics

Empathy in the Brain and in Art

Empathy, one of the most extraordinary feats of the human brain, plays a major role in social and artistic communication. We empathize with others and often respond with emotion to their condition. Artists, photographers, actors and film directors use our capacity to empathize to give their works heightened emotional appeal. But what are the neurological foundations of empathy, and on what specialized brain cells and systems does it depend?

The Fourth International Conference on Neuroesthetics will bring together scientists and artists to explore the mechanisms for empathy in the brain and the way in which artists intuitively use these processes to express or evoke empathy.

The conference will cover the theme of empathy at all levels – from the response of single cells in the brain, to brain areas engaged during empathetic experience, to the devices and strategies that artists, actors and photographers use to elicit the spectator's empathy and sympathy. 

Our distinguished speakers will share their insights into the mechanisms of a brain system that acts as a powerful social adhesive and is instrumental in communication – whether through language, art or music.

The Fourth International Conference on Neuroesthetics
January 15, 2005