About Minerva Foundation

THE Minerva Foundation has three foci:

The Golden Brain is awarded annually to an investigator in the forefront of research for original discovery of significant findings of vision and the brain.

The International Conference on Neuroesthetics is a gathering of cross-disciplinary scholars to speak to a particular theme related to neuroesthetics.

The Minerva Incubator Program, currently in development, will launch in summer 2014.

Foundation History

The Minerva Foundation was instituted in 1983 by Helen and Elwin Marg.  Along with the founders, other directors have been Richard M. Buxbaum, Lawrence W. Stark, Semir Zeki, Tamia Marg Anderson and Lila S. Crutchfield.

Contact: brain@minervaberkeley.org


The name of the foundation, Minerva, was inspired by the Roman goddess, the Etruscan adaptation of the Greek Athena. Minerva was the goddess of wisdom and war, poetry and medicine, commerce and schools, crafts and magic.